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Costa Nova Mar I Chouriço Cooking Dish - Blue
Tradicional I Ceramic Dish - Yellow - 11.1"
Tradicional I Ceramic Dish - Blue - 11.1"
Coimbra I Ceramic Dish
Tradicional I Ceramic dish - Yellow - 8.3"
Coimbra I Ceramic Cup
Janelas | Ceramic Dish - 9.4"
Costa Nova Mar I Chouriço Cooking Dish - Turquoise
Fine Stoneware Dish
Lisboa | Stoneware Cup
Azulejos | Chouriço Grill
Beurrier en céramique "Andorinha" - Terracotta
Coimbra I Small Ceramic Dish - 11.8"
Terracotta Baking Dish or Salad Bowl
Coimbra I Ceramic Cup
Tradicional I Ceramic dish - Blue - 8.3"
Azulejos | Ceramic Serving Dish - 6.5"
Tradicional | Ceramic Olive Dish - Yellow
Sol | Ceramic Cup - Red
Beurrier en céramique "Andorinha" - Rouge
Sol | Ceramic Cup - Yellow
Coimbra I Ceramic Dish
Terracotta Baking Dish or Salad Bowl
Terracotta Gratin Plate
Terracotta Baking Dish
Terracotta Baking Dish
Estrelicia I Fine Stoneware Serving Dish - Light Green
Centre de table / Corbeille à fruits en grès "Pearl" - 32cm
Costa Nova Mar I Chouriço Cooking Dish - Black
Costa Nova Mar I Chouriço Cooking Dish - Yellow
Baking Dish with Cork Base - White
Azulejos | Appetizer Ceramic Plate
Azulejos | Deep Bowl - 7,5"
Azulejos | Ceramic Serving Dish - 6.3"
Concha | Ceramic Bowl - 8.3"
Galinha I Butter Dish
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Portuguese Charm in Every Dish & Tray

Indulge in the exquisite allure of Portugal with our collection of Dishes & Trays. Imbued with the essence of Portuguese craftsmanship, each piece narrates a story of tradition and sophistication. From classic designs to modern interpretations, elevate your dining experience with the charm and authenticity that only Portuguese tableware can bring.

Quality Craftsmanship at Unmatched Prices

Discover unparalleled quality at unbeatable prices as you explore our range of Dishes & Trays from Portugal. Each piece reflects the rich heritage of Portuguese artistry, combining durability with aesthetic appeal. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of traditional patterns or the sleek lines of contemporary design, our collection caters to discerning tastes, offering a perfect blend of style and functionality.

Promptly Delivered Portuguese Elegance

Bring the beauty of Portuguese tableware to your home with our swift 4-5 days delivery service in the USA. Immerse your dining space in immediate elegance as you unwrap carefully crafted Dishes & Trays. Order now to experience the seamless fusion of Portuguese tradition and modern convenience, and let your table reflect the charm of this European craftsmanship.