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Quinta do Pessegueiro I Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Romaneira | Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Seara d'Ordens I Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Casa Santo Amaro I Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Grande Escolha"
Casa Santo Amaro I Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Prestige"
Casa Santo Amaro I Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Premium"
Casa Santo Amaro I Organic Olive Oil
Casa Santo Amaro I Organic Olive Oil "Limited edition"
Saloio Sélection I Extra virgin olive oil
Monte das Oliveiras I Olive oil Plate
A Alfacinha dos Caracóis I Olive plate
Fine stoneware Oil Carafe
Saloio I Extra virgin olive oil
Triunfo I Extra virgin olive oil
Santa Maria I Extra virgin olive oil
Senhora Do Viso I Extra virgin olive oil
Set of 3 tins of olive oil
Sunflower-shaped Ceramic oil Carafe
Mondegão I Extra virgin olive oil
Tamegão I Extra virgin olive oil
Viriato I Extra virgin olive oil
Saloio I Olive oil can and its carafe
Santamaria I Olive oil and its carafe
Triunfo I Olive oil and its carafe
Stainless steel Condiment Set
Stainless steel Oil Carafe
Fish-shaped Ceramic Oil Carafe - Blue
Fish-shaped Ceramic Oil Carafe - White
Portuguese Peri Peri - Soft
Portuguese Peri Peri - Special Chicken
Portuguese Peri Peri with Garlic
Portuguese Peri Peri with Lemon and Herbs
Ground Peri Peri
Portuguese Chicken Sauce with Peri Peri
Cinnamon Powder
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Olive Oil & Seasoning

Discover Portuguese olive oils. Portugal is a major producer of olive oil and the Portuguese are major consumers. It is therefore not surprising to find in Portugal olive oils that are among the best in the world. These oils are protected according to their origin: The olive oil of Trás-os-Montes is perhaps the best known but 5 other regions protect their appellation: the olive oil of Alentejo interior or Norte, Beira Interior, Ribatejo or Moura. You must absolutely taste the extra virgin olive oil drawn from a Portuguese registered designation of origin olive groove. You can also buy virgin olive oil with a slightly higher acidity or refined olive oil. It's according to your taste.

Spice up your dishes with Portuguese condiments. Spices are essential ingredients in Portuguese cuisine. There is no Portuguese recipe without garlic, onions, bay leaves, chillies, spices, or marinades... And most of the desserts include cinnamon. Do try the famous Portuguese grilled chicken: it's just a chicken but with a completely different taste thanks to a marinade made with olive oil, garlic, paprika, and Piri-Piri.

Use Portuguese seasoning. Condiments are also widely used in Portuguese cuisine to flavour dishes. The salts are often seasoned with olives, garlic, bay leaf, fennel, savory. You can also find fantastic dried fruits and vegetables to spice up your dishes: tomatoes, peppers, green apples, almonds, pistachios... You will, therefore, be able to make a list of condiments to have in your cupboards in order to give an authentic Portuguese taste to all your dishes, even the most common ones.

Portuguese chicken with piri-piri. The famous Portuguese grilled chicken is nothing more than a chicken opened in half and placed on the barbecue. What changes everything is the marinade that is used and gives it that very special taste: bay leaf, garlic, olive oil, olive oil, parsley, tomato sauce, salt and pepper of course but above all what makes the difference is Piri Piri. Piri Piri is a chilli pepper from Angola and used by the Portuguese, who drizzle piri piri oil on almost all dishes. It is a small pepper, sharp, red or green that should be used with great moderation.