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Portuguese handmade Rug - Dark grey
Portuguese handmade Rug - Grey
Portuguese handmade Rug - Light Grey
Portuguese handmade Rug - Brown
Tapis Artisanal - Beige moucheté
Portuguese handmade Rug - Beige
Portuguese handmade rug - Off-White
Portuguese handmade Rug - Dark red
Portuguese handmade Rug - Red
Portuguese handmade Rug - Orange
Tapis Artisanal - Ocre
Portuguese handmade Rug - Pink
Portuguese handmade rug - Dark green
Portuguese handmade Rug - Green
Portuguese handmade Rug - Light green
Portuguese handmade rug - Blue
Portuguese handmade Rug - Light Blue
Handmade Carpet - Custom made
Handmade Striped Rug - Black, beige, yellow
Handmade Striped Rug - White, beige, brown
Tapis Artisanal rayé - Bleu, blanc
Tapis artisanal en fibres naturelles 200x150 - Orange
Tapis artisanal en fibres naturelles 200x150 - Rose
Tapis artisanal en fibres naturelles 200x150 - Bleu
Tapis artisanal en fibres naturelles 200x150 - Beige
Tapis artisanal en fibres naturelles 200x150 - Vert
Rug woven from natural fibres - Beige
Rug woven from natural fibres - Grey
Rug woven from natural fibres - Blue
Rug woven from natural fibres - Green
Fine cotton carpet 210x150 - Orange from Portugal
Fine cotton carpet 210x150 - Blue from Portugal
Fine Cotton Carpet 83x59'' - Green
Fine Cotton Carpet 83x59'' - Grey
Fine Cotton Carpet 83x59'' - Red
Tapis fin en coton 210x150 - Turquoise from Portugal
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Rugs combining modernity and tradition. The most popular carpets in Portugal are the "tapte Puxado". Made from recycled cotton scraps, woven by hand, they are particularly ecological carpets. They are generally used as bath mats but their modern patterns and bright colors allow you to find them in every room of the house.

Handmade carpets. The craft industry has remained very present in Portugal and particularly in the rural areas of the North. It is there that, sometimes, whole villages organize themselves in cooperatives or small workshops, around an old restored loom, to make beautiful, cheerful and colorful carpets.

Carpets in wool or cotton. The growing interest in traditional arts, the long tradition of wool sheep breeding in the "Serra da Estrela" and the restoration of old looms allows the development of small workshops that produce extraordinary Portuguese wool carpets.

The bath carpets, however, remain the best known. They are small cotton carpets present in all the Portuguese houses. Hand-woven, particularly heavy and non-slip, sturdy and above all machine washable, they are today available in an infinity of colors.