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Climate Commitment

Following the recommendations of the IPCC report, the Paris Agreement commits all stakeholders to immediately reduce CO2 emissions, with a target of achieving net zero emissions by 2050.

Therefore, the online store Luisa Paixão is now committed to reducing its environmental footprint.

This commitment takes the form of a series of swift actions that will yield tangible and immediate results. It will be followed by a carbon footprint assessment of the company along with a comprehensive action plan aimed at achieving carbon neutrality as quickly as possible.

Here, you will discover, as they are implemented, all of our actions aimed at reducing our environmental footprint and offsetting the climate impact of our operations.

Carbon Neutral Delivery

The transportation of your package from our warehouse to its destination is carbon neutral: We fully offset the carbon emissions associated with shipping your order.

Here's how it works: For each package we ship, we estimate the carbon emissions associated with it. Based on this estimation, we allocate a portion of our revenue to companies specialized in carbon removal. These companies use this funding to remove the amount of carbon generated by our shipments. Their activities are overseen by Carbon Direct.

Here are the companies we support


Heirloom's direct air capture technology enhances the carbon mineralization process. Heirloom's technology speeds up the rate at which naturally occurring minerals capture CO₂ rather than using energy-intensive fans to draw air in.

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Remora captures CO₂ from semi-truck tailpipes as they drive, with the CO₂ destined for long-term storage.

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Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials

The essential protection of the items you order requires the use of packaging and cushioning materials such as bubble wrap, packing paper, dividers, and cardboard boxes.

For maximum protection, we only use new cardboard boxes with double or triple-layered thickness. However, we exclusively select materials made from at least 50% recycled content for environmental responsibility.

Our cardboard boxes, manufactured in Europe, consist of a minimum of 70% recycled cardboard and are themselves recyclable to promote a circular economy.

Similarly, our bubble wrap, recognizable by its green color, is made from a minimum of 50% recycled materials and is itself recyclable.

Waste Recycling

All our packaging waste is sorted, collected separately, and placed into the municipality's recycling channels

Common efforts focus on increasing the collection of recyclable waste, as opposed to mixed waste. Currently, the following are separated:

  • Plastic waste
  • Paper and cardboard waste
  • Organic waste

Research and Promotion of Eco-Friendly Products

We systematically inquire with our partners and suppliers about their actions and commitments to reduce carbon emissions, as well as their efforts in circular economy practices.

We consistently prioritize products and services that demonstrate tangible results in these areas.

Our primary supplier of stoneware tableware is committed to a sustainable development policy through stoneware, combining energy efficiency, eco-materials, and recycled raw materials.

Our main supplier of Portuguese rugs uses only natural fibers sourced from leftover materials from the Portuguese textile industry.