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Corals I Stoneware Dinner Plate
Corals I Stoneware Dessert / Salad Plate
Corals I Stoneware Serving Dish
Corals I Stoneware Serving Dish
Corals I Stoneware Serving Dish
Corals I Stoneware Soup / Pasta Plate
Corals I Stoneware Salad Bowl
Corals I Stoneware Bowl
Corals I Stoneware Mug
Corals I Stoneware Espresso Cup
Corals I Stoneware Pitcher
Salty Sea I Stoneware Dessert Plate
Salty Sea I Stoneware Mug

Corals Collection

The Corals collection is inspired by the depths of the ocean and the coral beds that bring explosive colours to a fascinating world we are just discovering. The fusion of blues and yellows gives a fresh and cheerful dynamism to this collection.

A collection with irregular shapes inspired by the variations of nature and which create harmony. No two pieces are exactly alike and each has its own unique and inimitable personality.

Exceptional tableware for everyday use. Made of porcelain stoneware, from the best natural resources, these pieces are highly resistant to thermal shock and can withstand temperatures from -20ºC to 200ºC. They are compatible with microwaves, conventional ovens up to 220ºC, dishwasher safe, fridge and freezer resistant and scratch resistant.