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Rãs I Ceramic Vase - Red
Rãs I Ceramic Vase - Blue
Rãs I Ceramic Vase - Green
Rãs I Ceramic Vase - Turquoise
Rãs I Ceramic Vase - White
Peixe I Ceramic Pitcher - Green
Peixe I Ceramic Jug - Red from Portugal
Peixe I Ceramic Pitcher - Blue
Peixe I Ceramic Pitcher - Turquoise
Peixe I Ceramic Pitcher - Pink & white
Peixe I Ceramic Pitcher - Green & white
Pato I Ceramic Pitcher
Galo I Ceramic Pitcher
Galinha I Ceramic Pitcher
Couve I Ceramic Pitcher
Uvas I Ceramic Pitcher - Purple
Uvas I Ceramic Pitcher - Orange
Uvas I Ceramic Pitcher - Blue
Uvas I Ceramic Jug - White
Abacaxi I Ceramic Pitcher
Abacaxi I Ceramic Pot - 7"
Girassol I Ceramic Dish - 11.0''
Assiette creuse en céramique "Girassol" - 25cm
Girassol I Ceramic Deep Plate - 5.5''
Girassol I Ceramic Bowl & Plate
Girassol I Ceramic Pitcher
Girassol I Ceramic Mug
Girassol I Lemonade Service.
Salière & Poivrière "Girassol"
Girassol I Ceramic Pot - 5.1''
Beurrier en céramique "Girassol"
Girassol I Ceramic oil Carafe
Girassol I Ceramic Sponge Holder
Morango I Lemonade Service
Morango I Ceramic Pitcher
Morango I Ceramic Pitcher
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Caldas Da Rainha Collection

The heart of Portuguese ceramics. The city of Caldas da Rainha is considered the Portuguese capital of ceramics. It is in this small town in the centre of Portugal that Rafael Bordallo Pinheiro opened his workshop in the 19th century. Today, there are still many ceramic workshops here, producing magnificent pieces of crockery with methods that have remained traditional.

Floral-inspired tableware. Traditionally, Portuguese ceramists used to reproduce in ceramics the objects that surrounded them. The vegetable world and especially the vegetables from the vegetable garden are frequently reproduced and give rise to the famous cabbage leaf shaped plates but also to the magnificent tomato or pumpkin shaped soup tureens.

Animals, a source of inspiration. Roosters, ducks, fish, frogs, lizards, snails but also crabs or lobsters are also reproduced in ceramics and give rise to unique and sought-after decorative objects.

Surprisingly modern ceramics. These pieces of crockery, elaborated in the Portuguese tradition, are today re-discovered by designers and decorators and find their place on the most beautiful tables as a unique piece or as a complete service.