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Beach, nature and sport ? Praia do Guincho !

Beach, nature and sport ? Praia do Guincho !

While in Lisbon, you feel the urge to escape on the beach and have a drink? Why not go to the "Praia do Guincho"?
Imagine, your feet in the warm sand, with only the ocean as far as the eye can see. A vast and wild expanse of blue, spotted by the silhouettes of the best surfers trying to tame the force of the giant waves opposing you.
There is nothing better to relax within a peaceful and quiet environment. However, be careful, it is not always possible to swim there because the waves can sometimes be too dangerous. Nevertheless, the show is worth a visit.
The most exceptional feature of this beach is its location: inside the Sierra de Sintra National Park. The natural setting of this area offers you one of the longest and largest beaches on the coast. Behind this beach, a large expanse of dunes, on which a wooden footbridge will allow you to walk for hours.

une clôture en bois

A little further on you will see mountains and a cliff with the most westerly point in Europe. In other words, if you miss the greenery and nature, you will find your happiness.
The great strength of this spot? The pure and marine air, without an ounce of pollution, that you breathe there, will certainly revivify you.

sa fin vers le haut d’une colline à côté d’un plan d’eau

This beach can easily be reached by bike from Cascaîs where you can rent or borrow them, by bus or by car. I advise you to reach it from Praia do Abano where you will find a secured and not too expensive car park.
Overlooking the beach, you will then discover the Guincho bar where you will be welcomed with a smile. There you can eat (mainly sandwiches, toast and salads) and quench your thirst with a good Portuguese draught beer, a soda or an extraordinary white or red Portuguese sangria. You will be protected from the wind and you will have to chance to contemplate the beautiful landscape that this spot offers you.

un gros up d’un oiseau

For the more sporty ones, you can even take surf lessons, offered by the school located next to the bar. Be careful, however, the currents are strong, the waves are powerful and the surfers have a level, let"s say... confirmed.
You can also do some shopping with the unique clothing shop, whose style is typically Portuguese and "surf wear".

un groupe de personnes surf dans l’océan


Be careful, this beach and this bar are so magical that you may stay there until night. No problem, this place is also an appointment for Portuguese epicureans who come to watch the sunset while sipping a Caipirinha.


un plan d’eau

un coucher de soleil sur une plage 

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